Re: attn listminders - can we nip this in the bud?

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Keith Gerling wrote:

>I urge you to draw some lines now. Please.

Hannity calls himself a member of the "right," he calls himself a
Conservative. His popularity as the #1 talk radio host makes him "the
darling" of the right as well. I said no more than what he has used to
describe himself.. AND I was only answering Ms Seigel's question as to
who he was.. Did you see me making any political pronouncement or

You're the ONLY one politicizing this thread. One cannot answer who
Hannity is for Judy without reference to his politics. Without those,
it makes no sense as to why people wearing Bush-Cheney shirts would want
to be in studio for his show.. But perhaps you don't like her project
either for some reason?

Beyond that, Gerling, it's the second time onlist in one week you've
tried to pick a fight with me when all I am trying to do is answer
Judy's questions and help her with her project.. The first was your
"Thor Bols" commentary. You know what? I really don't care if you like
me or not, I'm here to stay and if someone asks a question relating to a
project they are working on, which I can answer, I will do so..

Keith Krebs

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