Re: attn listminders - can we nip this in the bud?

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Date: 08/06/04-01:51:35 AM Z
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Editor P.O.V. Image Service wrote:

> and by the way, every time I've commented in some political way to
> answer a question or an oblique attack, I've tried to close that part
> of the thread. I don't have any desire to have a political discussion
> here and even labeled my single response to Sandy King's comments as

"Yes," I probably should have responded to Sandy's comment ONLY offlist.
(Just as I did my initial complaint about that oblique ONLIST attack by
you, in which you dredged up a dispute from four years ago. However,
with you know calling me a "troll" onlist, I find some onlist response
necessary) In future, though, I shall respond to comments that might
necessitate a political explanation by me (I can't imagine they could be
often, given this IS an alt-photo list) offlist to avoid stirring the
pot even through lack of full appreciation for the responses it could

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