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Date: 08/02/04-11:56:13 PM Z
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On Sun, 1 Aug 2004, Editor P.O.V. Image Service wrote:
> First, with really wide lenses you should try and stay relatively parallel to
> the horizontal when shooting, UNLESS that exaggerated perspective effect is
> something you want.

Sorry, could you explain that -- what horizontal do you mean? I'm
shooting a person standing up. Their legs dwindle even when I hold the
camera parallel to their figure.

> The BEST tool I have used is the Debarrelizer plugin from The Imaging
> Factory.. I can even use it to make a fisheye shot rectilinear.

Is that a plug in for Photoshop -- or ?????



> Second best is to use the perspective correction tool in PaintShop Pro 8. I
> generally prefer editing in Photoshop CS, but I Much prefer the background
> eraser and perspective correction tools in PSP8.
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