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From: Judy Seigel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 08/02/04-11:23:39 PM Z
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On Sun, 1 Aug 2004, Dennis Moser wrote:
> Judy, the upgrade to 9.2.2 is DEFINITELY a worthwhile thing to consider as it
> is the "state of the art" for the 9-series OSes...there are some network
> enhancements that make life a little easier. Having said that...

Dennis, your description above was a work of art in itself. It should be
published as is.... (I cut it because I'm writing too much tonight and
felt I ought to save bandwidth)... I'm trying to think of a suitable
format: maybe set in Bodoni and gliceed !? :- )

> Some of the obvious things to do are to increase the amount of RAM in your
> 9.2 machines (if possible, max it out)...another thing that people miss is
> that putting a faster hard drive will substantially help out in speeding up
> the overall "snappiness" of a system, too! (Faster file access by the
> applications and of course PhotoShop uses hard drive space for its' scratch
> disk, so a faster drive will speed it up, too!)

I hesitate to apply epithets to one I haven't met, but Dennis, I think you
sound like what is, I believe, called a power user. Some of us are more,
um, organic... which is to say my system is already faster than I am. (I
did BTW notice a terrific difference in Photoshop when I went to the G4 --
previously a large file was like watching paint dry, and it became like
word processing, almost. If at all possible i intend to leave it at that.)

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