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Judy Seigel wrote:

> My first question is: I'm usually about two feet, maybe a tad more,
> from my subject... if I shoot at chest level, often the legs dwindle,
> a funny perspective effect. I figure that's NOT another effect of
> digital perspective, but just the way the 35 mm (or 28 mm??) of the
> lens behaves.... I rarely saw anything like it in analog because I
> rarely shot that close and rarely with less than 50 mm.
> (I can't zoom because in crowded streets it's nearly impossible to
> move further away... And there's no use heading for wide open
> spaces,,,,,, they have no pedestrians !)

Ok.. I would have responded earlier bu I was doing events with John
Kerry & John Edwards in Pennsy.. I just got back, more on the relevance
of that in another response to Judy..

First, with really wide lenses you should try and stay relatively
parallel to the horizontal when shooting, UNLESS that exaggerated
perspective effect is something you want.

 The BEST tool I have used is the Debarrelizer plugin from The Imaging
Factory.. I can even use it to make a fisheye shot rectilinear.

Second best is to use the perspective correction tool in PaintShop Pro
8. I generally prefer editing in Photoshop CS, but I Much prefer the
background eraser and perspective correction tools in PSP8.

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