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> > The BEST tool I have used is the Debarrelizer plugin from The Imaging
> > Factory.. I can even use it to make a fisheye shot rectilinear.
> Is that a plug in for Photoshop -- or ?????
> TIA,
> Judy

I've not used Debarrelizer, but you can also do this using the PTLens
plugin, which is basically a free front end for this aspect of Panorama
Tools (also free.)

Unfortunately PTLens is Windows only, but there is a similar program,
LensFix, for Mac, but this isn't free, and I think Debarrelizer is

You can use PTLens to correct distortion on any lens, and you can either
create your own correction factors for new lenses or send some test images
to the author who will do it for free to add to those he already
distributes. I wrote about it in a feature a few weeks ago, the relevant
page is:

and on the previous page I also tell you how you can spend a few hundred
dollars on stuff that does much the same thing but only for specific
cameras and lenses.

PTLens does make a fairly dramatic difference on images from my Canon
Digital Ixus. I use it as a plugin on PS7. It has a number of correction
factors for different focal lengths and uses the appropriate one based on
the EXIF data.

Panorama Tools is really an amazing piece of software by Professor Helmut
Dersch, freely available but giving better results than some very
expensive solutions.

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