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Kerik wrote:

>> If you are using the OEM 1280 inks, I wouldn't be expecting too
>> much.. You need to lay down a HELL of a lot of those dyes to get any
>> significant density and the driver really doesn't do that very well..
>> I'd go to pigments.
> I disagree. You can go to pigments, but I've printed pigment ink negs
> on a 2000P and have not been satisified with them.

Not surprised...

The 2000P was a dog of a printer the day it came out, a good number of
EPSON's own external consultants advised against releasing it.. as it
wasn't "ready for prime-time."

There are several factors in the 2000P with OEM inks that advocate
against using it in this way:

1) 7 picoliter minimum droplet size - that's nearly double even the 4
picoliters of a 1270/1280. Even the 1160 with a 6 picoliter droplet
size and OEM dye-based inks will show clumping in areas of dense ink
coverage. Much moreso and EPSON 2000P with 7 picoliter drops and pigments.

2) The 2000P inks are highly metameric making exposure less
predictable and less linear.

3) Related to #2 above, the epoxy resin capsule of the 2000P inks is
much larger than that of current inksets. That capsule will case
excessive refraction.

> I've been getting great results with the 1280 printer and OEM inks
> using Pictorico OHP.

That's very possible..

> I'm making green-colorized digital negs (a la Keith Schreiber at APIS
> 2003) that print beautifully in pt/pd and gum. They look very thin,
> but the greenish color gives plenty of spectral density for UV processes.

Makes sense.. But, assuming all other factors are held equal, the
ability to created negatives with a higher dMax is always a positive
thing, even if it only gives increased tonal range..

> I find these work MUCH better than than orange colored negs, BTW.

Good to know..

> Bottom line, if you print the right color, you don't have to lay down
> a hell of a lot of ink.

well, I'd say it also helps to compare apples to apples.. Comparing a
2000P to even a 1280 or 1270 will almost surely result in a win for the
1270/1280.. ESPECIALLY if you toss MIS Quads (for B&W) [Loris is using
the MIS FS and Piezotone Seleniums] - the newest UT2 inkset is awesome,
or the latest technology MIS Glossy Pigments or MediaStreet G-Chromes
(for color - assuming you aren't doing separations) into the 1280/1270.
I'd say the 2200 or R800 with OEM inks would likely do a great job as well..

The bottom line is that it's always best to understand the strengths and
weaknesses of all your tools before you choose the ones to use..

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