Re: Ultrafine Clear Film

From: Kerik ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 04/22/04-02:26:17 PM Z
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> If you are using the OEM 1280 inks, I wouldn't be expecting too much..
> You need to lay down a HELL of a lot of those dyes to get any
> significant density and the driver really doesn't do that very well..
> I'd go to pigments.

I disagree. You can go to pigments, but I've printed pigment ink negs on
a 2000P and have not been satisified with them. I've been getting great
results with the 1280 printer and OEM inks using Pictorico OHP. I'm making
green-colorized digital negs (a la Keith Schreiber at APIS 2003) that
print beautifully in pt/pd and gum. They look very thin, but the greenish
color gives plenty of spectral density for UV processes. I find these work
MUCH better than than orange colored negs, BTW.

Bottom line, if you print the right color, you don't have to lay down a
hell of a lot of ink.

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