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 From: Editor P.O.V. Image Service

> The 2000P was a dog of a printer the day it came out,

Sandy King has beautiful prints from negs made from this printer that
dispute this claim WRT digital negs, which is the topic here. Metamerism,
etc has little relevence to this discussion. My point was I got better
results with the 1280 than the 2000P, so I stuck with that. Sandy has made
the 2000P work extremely well for his digital negs.

>From what I've heard from some 2200 users, this printer tends to cause some
grittiness in smooth medium and higher tones in pt/pd prints. (This may less
of an issue with multi-coat gum prints.) What works depends a lot on the
imagery. Pigment negs may be better for highly textures subjects, while dye
ink negs seem to be better at smooth tones and gradients.

> > I've been getting great results with the 1280 printer and OEM inks using
Pictorico OHP.
> That's very possible..

And it really, really works!

> Makes sense.. But, assuming all other factors are held equal, the
> ability to created negatives with a higher dMax is always a positive
> thing, even if it only gives increased tonal range..

Not really. If I can get everything from deep black to paper white from
these negs, additional density does nothing but extend exposure times or
cause excessive contrast. And there is no sense in extending the tonal range
beyond the capability of the printing process. This goes along with the now
outdated idea that negatives for platinum printing need to be excessively
dense and contrasty. Simply not necessary.

> well, I'd say it also helps to compare apples to apples..

I find it more valuable to test actual negatives made with each printer to
see which negs prints better for the images that I make.

> The bottom line is that it's always best to understand the strengths
> and weaknesses of all your tools before you choose the ones to use..

And how the strenghts and weaknesses effect the final prints that we make.

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