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Date: 04/22/04-05:33:14 PM Z
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On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, henk thijs wrote:

> Hi Judy,
> Any idea if there is a website where some of it can be seen. I still
> need some more prove of digital to be convinced of the benefits ,
> apart from dig. negs & Photoshop :-)

Hi Henk, What was so spectacular was the prints themselves, the great big
glowing objects, so if there is a website (I imagine ICP has a website,
tho it probably just lists their classes), it wouldn't tell nuthin.... or
would probably look a lot like the war photos we've been getting on the
front pages (or we in the US have been) these many months. But isn't all
news photography digital now? If the physical film had to be gotten from
the frontlines to a lab, and then physically shipped to the newspapers, we
wouldn't be seeing them often just hours later -- tho you probably know
more about that than I do ?

I'd guess also that the newspapers need to keep up with TV -- which is
practically live, more or less, isn't it?


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