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Date: 04/22/04-06:57:58 AM Z
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>I'd been avoiding: "The War in Iraq." Not what I want to see and not what
>this list wants to hear about -- EXCEPT these were spectacular prints by
>digital camera printed by Modernage Custom Digital Imaging Labs, some of
>them 6 feet wide by 4 feet high. By a new group of journalist
>photographers calling themselves VII, or seven, though now they are 10.
>Most famous name Nachtwey. Obviously "doctored" in Photoshop, or
>equivalent, but so compelling, powerful, and actually beautiful (though
>ghastly, raising the question of aestheticizing war, which is not this
>e-mail). My other thought was it makes you think digital can do anything.

Hi Judy,
Any idea if there is a website where some of it can be seen. I still
need some more prove of digital to be convinced of the benefits ,
apart from dig. negs & Photoshop :-)

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