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Date: 04/21/04-12:12:27 PM Z
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Yea! Loris, glad you like it. For the 8.5x11 I have used, as I said, all
kinds of stuff from Staples, Office Max, etc. and there is only one problem
I have ever found with the cheapo stuff, and it was with 3M: when I taped
my neg to the glass, and then went to remove the tape, some of the layer
that holds the pigment came off with the tape. I have only had it happen
with several sheets, though. Staples in store brand does not do this.
Nether did Apollo. And I've printed probably several hundred negatives on
the stuff.

I put a call into photo warehouse (btw, online it is photo-warehouse, with a
hyphen, I think) to see if they can produce larger sizes; as of now they
don't have larger sizes, but he's checking for me. If I find out he can,
I'll email the list.

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> Dear Christina,
> After your in favour mail about PhotoWarehouse's Ultrafine Crystal Clear
> Inkjet Film Transparency - I decided to give it a try and ordered an
> 11x17" x 100 pack from them. THIS FILM IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! As soon
> as you manage to find out which side to print (easy with damp finger
> test; print on the sticky side) the paper works WONDERFULLY! I print
> with *pigmented* inks (MIS FS-FS/N-Ebony Black and Piezotone Selenium
> Grays) and the best part about this paper is: the image's virtually
> non-abradable, I rubbed the negative with my finger (and I did that very
> hard) absolutely no smearing. The image was clear and intact to every
> single dot. In the other hand, if you abuse and/or be casual with
> Pictorico negatives, the image is scratched/smeared very easily. I
> seriously recommend this film to every digital negative makers. The
> price is very very nice compared to Pictorico (Pictorico $1 per 8.5x11
> sheet, Ultrafine $0.38 per 8.5x11 sheet - by cutting 11x17 sheet into
> two pieces).
> Thank you very very much for your recommendation!
> Regards,
> Loris.
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