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Date: 04/15/04-08:53:40 AM Z
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On Thursday, April 15, 2004, at 04:02 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> The only problem I have had with digital is its tendency to blow
> out
> highlights; hence I usually shoot at .7 EV in contrast. Mark does
> this with
> his histogram and light meter, it seems from his last post. But he's
> an
> uber techie. Mark, you gotta teach me that method. Or at least write
> it in
> a book :)

Well, I'm not Mark but I'll put a few thoughts in here. Digital and
exposure is confusing for those use to negative film, makes perfect
sense to those use to slide film. AA taught all of use to expose for
the shadows and that a little too much exposure was a good thing. AA
was using/talking about negative film. In camera digital Jpgs and Tiffs
are like slide film. You need to expose for the highlights, and it is
MUCH fussier. The best alternatives are to do as Mark explained (check
the histogram) or shoot in RAW which is the digital equivalent of
negative film. Two problems with RAW: not all cameras have it and it
takes computer (user) time to convert them.

> PS Gord, I love my Mamiya 7...I got it half priced on that PEPP
> student/educator deal. Is that not available in Canada?

What is PEPP?? I know about (wonderful) teacher discounts on software.
But, I've never gotten one on camera gear!

P.S. The act of consistently checking your digital image and histogram
after shooting is humorously called "Chimping". Watch digital
photographer's while they check their images, they tend to get happy
and excited, jump up and down a little and make strange " Oww, oww,
woow" noises. It really does make you look like a chimp. I "try" not to
do that (in public)!

Tom Ferguson
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