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My original point was the cost benefit of owning a digital camera--it was
not a jump ship. There is no film vs. digi debate, IMHO. Given lots of
darkroom time and/or money, most, I would think, would prefer to have hard least we know it lasts for hundreds of years, or, at least, BW
anyway--forget color.

I should have prefaced my statement with this: a digital camera does NOT
replace my Mamiya 7 nor my Nikon F100 nor my Arca Swiss 4x5. Nor my Zone
Plate Pinhole nor my 4x5 pinhole nor my 4x10 pinhole nor my 8x10 view
camera. A digi camera is added to my camera bag, in fact, two are, and I
find myself shooting lots more with it. If money is an excuse to NOT buy a
digicam, or waiting for the perfect digicam to come around the corner is the
next best excuse, my advice is buy early and often.

Frankly, making tri color seps with a digicam for **gum printing** is such a
cinch I will NEVER go back to making enlarged negs in the darkroom **for
that process**. And furthermore, my gum print is as or more archival than
any black and white or color print in existence.

Having had to sift through 20,000 slides of my mom's when she died, and
narrowing that bulk down to 8,000 which is still way too many (I narrowed
down further to 200 for prints for a photo album for each of us 8 children),
I question how many of our "incredible" images will make it past the throw
stages when our kids make estate decisions. Not to be macabre or
anything...and yes, I know someone right now is saying, "But at least you
got to make the decision to keep or throw, and the 20,000 were still there!"

Thanks, Dave, for sensible advice: there's a time and place for every

It is sooo funny--this alt list sounds so much like the British Journal of
Photography, debating manipulated vs.straight photography in the late
Good night!
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> I've made photos with everything from a 12"x20" homemade pinhole camera to
> 4"x5" view camera to digital. There's a time and place for every format.
> I recently shot nearly 100 candid & posed photos of my niece's wedding
> my Kodak DX3900 digicam. I edited the photos down to 50 images and burnt
> them onto CDR discs along with a freeware slide show program, resulting in
> very professional looking CD photo slide show. It was very inexpensive
> easy to produce. The benefit? Immeasurable.
> Best regards,
> Dave Rose
> Powell, Wyoming
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