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Date: 04/14/04-02:29:33 PM Z
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On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> It is sooo funny--this alt list sounds so much like the British Journal of
> Photography, debating manipulated vs.straight photography in the late
> 1800's.

What was also funny was all the argybargy about "miniature cameras," by
which of course they meant 35 mm, or even 2 & 1/4, but the solemn
assurances that it could be just as good were borne out by time -- plus of
course the improvements in film. I'm waiting for a digital program that
puts my digital negs onto permanent hard copy -- it ought to be just
around the corner...

In film, I can always go back & change my mind about what to print --
except for a few early rolls with rotten fixer that still fade in the
file. But, assuming my printed-out negatives from digital camera last the
rest of my life, what about diigital frames I don't put onto negatives
now? If I read the list experts correctly -- don't count on them ?

Then Chris, you say you wipe out a lot on the go. Of course you're
shooting environment, not war or politics -- but we read about this or
that photog going back after the fact & finding the triumphant shot in
restrospect (like Monica on the receiving line) -- is that an issue for
you? (Or do you keep those?)

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