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At 08:30 PM 4/13/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>When a CD or DVD approaches the end of its useful life and it becomes
>necessary to move the original digital informaton to some new media, the
>information itself does not change. Its integrity can remain completely
>unaltered. It is simply moved to other media. The container changes, but
>not the information.

         Incorrect. File degradation is a fact of file storage. It's
managed by using CRC checksum validation, Alternate Data Streaming and
other file backup methodologies. in this regard, digital is just like
analog in that any reproduction is likely to have some data loss but with
digital it's usually minimal or complete.

         Note that in CDR media we're talking about dyes which are known
for their instability. Also, the very method of accessing the files via a
laser can degrade the files just as enlarging Kodachrome faded those slides
many of us shot for decades.


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