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[ale] How secure is http basic authentication?

On 04/27/2013 01:10 PM, Ron Frazier (ALE) wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> You could try DigiCert for your certificates.  Steve Gibson likes them 
> and has talked about them on his Security Now podcast.  He says they 
> have good pricing.  You can find transcripts of where he's talked 
> about them by googling this:
> digicert site:grc.com
> I don't have any personal info on it.  Just relaying the data.
> Sincerely,
> Ron 
There is no way I can install a certificate.  I don't have root access.  
I don't even have ssh.  FTP only.  The only way I can get a cert is to 
pay the hosting company for it at their outrageous prices.