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[ale] How secure is http basic authentication?

Hi Jim,

You could try DigiCert for your certificates.  Steve Gibson likes them 
and has talked about them on his Security Now podcast.  He says they 
have good pricing.  You can find transcripts of where he's talked about 
them by googling this:

digicert site:grc.com

I don't have any personal info on it.  Just relaying the data.



On 4/27/2013 10:05 AM, Jim Lynch wrote:
> On 04/27/2013 09:54 AM, Phil Turmel wrote:
>> It's in the clear.  It's just not obvious because it is base64 encoded.
>> Phil
> OK so that means I shouldn't use it without an ssl connection.  That 
> pretty much rules out using it with any of my hosted accounts since 
> they don't do ssl without too much money for a cert.  Fortunately I 
> only have one of those left.  I'm slowly replacing my hosted accounts 
> with VPS.
> Thanks,
> Jim.


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