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[ale] Web server OS

2008/12/25 Pat Regan <thehead at patshead.com>

> Testing updates before you apply them is quite often a very necessary
> step.  I can't speak for RHEL/CentOS, but Debian and Ubuntu both have a
> security fix only repository.  It easier to keep up with testing those
> updates than it is testing full system updates.
RHEL/CentOS updates are security and bug fixes only. Once a release is
installed, it doesn't change anything unless it must to fix a problem.
Enhancements are not part of the process (That's for Fedora!). Code that
will require library changes is not allowed. If an upstream security/bug
patch requires a lib change, RedHat will back port the patch to run without
the lib change. Thus while the current kernel.org kernel is 2.6.28 (Thanks
the present Linus!), security fixes are back ported to the 2.6.x kernel for
RHEL4/5 and 2.4.x for RHEL3. This same process goes on for core libs and
other packages in the release. Thus a custom app for RHEL5 will run for the
entire life of RHEL5 regardless the changes to the system for the entire 7
years unless the app relied on one of the problems that gets fixed (it has

James P. Kinney III
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