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[ale] Web server OS

Last one before I get back to Christmas :)

Jeff Hubbs wrote:
> I don't think this is all that much different from what other distros' 
> users face as a part of routine administration.  If UbuHatCentDora have 
> a Big Red Button for "Apply All Security Upgrades To Eveything Now," 
> Gentoo does not really have that per se - but there is a Bigger Red 
> Button that says "Make Everything Current Now" (emerge -uD world).  Just 
> make sure you check your circuit breakers before you hit it because 
> you're about to have a very busy box. :)

You do think it is different from what other distro users face, you're
saying so right here :).

Gentoo's default position is to upgrade everything whether you need to
or not.

The server oriented distros take the exact opposite position.  The
default is to update only what actually needs updating.

My experience tells me that it is generally better to run older battle
tested versions of software and manually update the few bits that need
updating.  This has been a hassle in the past.  Debian Slink was awesome
when it went stable, but it sure felt long in the tooth by the time
Potato went on to replace it as stable.  I remember it feeling like you
had to manually update damn near the whole OS before you could do what
you wanted towards the end, there :).

I wasn't always so cautious.  I may just be getting old.  :)

I would very nearly be willing to run something with Gentoo's release
schedule on my desktop.


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