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[ale] Web server OS

In Gentoo-land, each package is pretty much managed as an independent 
unit and as such there aren't generally times where you're "forced" to 
upgrade because updates to a distro version stop.  No distro version, no 
version-keyed updates.

Pat Regan wrote:
> Jeff Hubbs wrote:
>> OK, well, were I in your shoes, I'd "pin" Perl, Apache, etc. to specific 
>> versions and that way if I ever emerge --sync to make the current 
>> versions available to me, it would simply fail to do anything that would 
>> force an upgrade away from those versions.  Or, if you simply never did 
>> emerge --sync then your system would keep the versions it started out 
>> with even if you installed things you didn't have before.
> The two examples I gave were just examples.  Any newer release of a
> program or library could break something.  To stick to the examples,
> though,  I want to know that I have Perl 5.8.x and Apache 1.3.x for the
> next 3+ years or so.  I don't want to pin Perl at 5.8.2, I want the bug
> fixes in the later 5.8 releases.
> If your distro does updates the same way as Debian, Ubuntu, or Red Hat
> you only have to worry about major changes like this every few years.  I
> know that the release I install is going to have the same major version
> of all the installed programs and libraries for the whole support cycle.
> That gives us good numbers to plan from.  I know that if I decide to run
> with Ubuntu 6.06 that I will get security fixes for those packages for
> only about another 2 years.  If I choose 8.04, I know I still have 4
> years left before I'm forced to upgrade.
> Pat
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