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[ale] Web server OS

Jeff Hubbs wrote:
> OK, well, were I in your shoes, I'd "pin" Perl, Apache, etc. to specific 
> versions and that way if I ever emerge --sync to make the current 
> versions available to me, it would simply fail to do anything that would 
> force an upgrade away from those versions.  Or, if you simply never did 
> emerge --sync then your system would keep the versions it started out 
> with even if you installed things you didn't have before.

The two examples I gave were just examples.  Any newer release of a
program or library could break something.  To stick to the examples,
though,  I want to know that I have Perl 5.8.x and Apache 1.3.x for the
next 3+ years or so.  I don't want to pin Perl at 5.8.2, I want the bug
fixes in the later 5.8 releases.

If your distro does updates the same way as Debian, Ubuntu, or Red Hat
you only have to worry about major changes like this every few years.  I
know that the release I install is going to have the same major version
of all the installed programs and libraries for the whole support cycle.

That gives us good numbers to plan from.  I know that if I decide to run
with Ubuntu 6.06 that I will get security fixes for those packages for
only about another 2 years.  If I choose 8.04, I know I still have 4
years left before I'm forced to upgrade.


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