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[ale] Wandering OT: Re: Car PC's and internet radio?

Jim Popovitch wrote:
> I'm not the one trying to convince a room full of others.  ;-)
I'm not trying to convince anyone; I'm just speculating on the behavior
of the satellite radios based on reason and observation and proposing a
motive for certain potential behavior regimes.
> Yes, "cordless phone handset", not mobile phone handset.  
Non sequitur.  I'm not concerned with the behavior of either.
> Much
> difference in size.  Btw, sat phones don't have near as much bat time as
> a mobile (i.e. cellular) handset, digital or analog.
Again, non sequitur.  I'm comparing the requirements of a satellite
phone to the requirements of a satellite radio that returns receiver
identification and channel selection to the satellite radio system as a
way to assess the reasonableness of the latter.  I'm not comparing
satellite phones to cell phones, which, again, are solutions to two
different problems. 
> They come the size of an iPod, but I guess you'd have to see it, the
> technical specs, and 100 internet posts to believe that. ;-)
No, I wouldn't, but I'm not convinced that a satellite radio that size
*could not* transmit for the purposes of what I'm hypothesizing.  But,
I'm going to stop short of running the numbers.  Besides, the
populace-controlling hooks seem to be being rushed into cell phones for
the time being, as there's greater market penetration of cell phones
than there is of satellite radio.