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[ale] Car PC's and internet radio?

On Mon, 2007-04-16 at 17:28 -0400, Ned Williams wrote:
> Sat radio and its rediculour rates if you have the net at your
> disposal.... 

I guess I'm hanging around with some really cheap people on this list.
Or I may be too rich.  I do not think that $10+/mon for SAT radio is a
bad deal.  IMO it is a great deal.  I get to listen to what I want.  I
do not hear commercials.  when I do hear commercials (talk channels) it
is not some obnoxious car sales ad screaming out the speaker.  When I
travel the country I do not have to tune my radio every 100 miles.  The
sound quality is decent compared to FM.

I've had SAT radio since 2003 and will _NOT_ go back to FM.  Even if I
had to pay $20/mon for my radio.  

As an early adopter I paid almost $400 for my unit.  Last year I pay $30
for my new unit.  What a steal!