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[ale] Wandering OT: Re: Car PC's and internet radio?

Jim, you're reacting before you're reading and thinking. 

I've rented a satellite phone before; it looked like this:

So, here we have a data point:  duplex roughly-POTS-grade voice in both
directions in a unit the size of a cordless phone handset, not counting
the antenna.

Given this data point, how big would a battery-powered unit have to be
in order to have a bidirectional transmission capability that is instead
tremendously asymmetrical - at least nearly CD-grade down, very slow and
occasional up?  I dare say, it wouldn't have to be bigger than the
satellite phone - which leaves "same size" and "smaller."  Why couldn't
it be smaller?

Now, if there are XM radios the size of a dime, I'll cede your point! :)

> I can drive by a tv station uplink and my cellphone has issues. ;-)
> -Jim P.
Again, different situation, and I contend that you do not know that the
TV station uplink is causing your cellphone problem.