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Yes some do. Really.

> Think of the resources required to search the
> web.... bandwidth alone would kill you, not to mention paying someone to
> develop a robust app to automatically do it for you. 

The bandwidth is NOT that much, it can be done through DSL using a 500Mhz 
computer, and still pull 100,000+ email addresses per day. This is called 
"slogging." Also, it is possible to buy CDs full of email addresses cheaply.

Oh, by the way, slogging programs can be aquired for about $600US or less and 
that includes many other tools and features (like a way to manage the emails 
and send them). 
(see <a  rel="nofollow" href="http://www.extractorpro.com/";>http://www.extractorpro.com/</a> ah, geez, they started selling a different 
email tool - OH, the NEW software teaches people how to reduce their &quot;spam 
score&quot; so that it can make it past filters. They used to sell a slogger 
(extractor) program that sent bulk email. I am sure I could quicky find one 
cheap if I looked).

&gt; I believe that
&gt; spammers have already collected 90% of the email addresses they need.

The word &quot;fresh&quot; is used alot in this industry. It means something.

&gt; The rest are refreshed periodically with a simple Outlook virus (how
&gt; often do we see those?).

You are probably right here, however, I am thinking that the benefits of 
viruses are for the &quot;sending&quot; more so than slogging. During sending, some 
spammers get shut down - even the big ones. However, slogging creates NO 
flames whatsoever.
&gt; -Jim P.
Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown
<a  rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ChangingLINKS.com";>http://www.ChangingLINKS.com</a>

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