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[ale]OT It begins...

> What software is used to manage the archives? If we can't do it with
> the software that' there, why not migrate to something else? I agree
> with the other folks that email address should be removed or rewritten
> (say to <*****@domain.com> prior to deposting them in the archive.
> > > Thanks,
> > > Robert Reese~

This solution is good enough, and should be simple to do.
About 2 years ago, I studied the ALE's presence in the major search engines. 
Even though it didn't not get much traffic, it did come up for a lot of 
different keyword phrases.

Spam harvesting often starts with the major search engines. Including our 
email addresses makes it all too easy to harvest them.
Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown