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&gt; Subject: Re: [ale] Indian outsourcing
&gt; On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 06:14:40PM -0500, Alan Stewart wrote:
&gt; &gt; I don't think it's as simple as blaming corporations and government. If
&gt; &gt; stockholders (i.e. 401K participants) didn't expect dividends and
&gt; &gt; increasing stock values NOW, not ten years from now things might be
&gt; &gt; different.
&gt; In other words.... if our system were different, things would be
&gt; different?
&gt; You just underlined the whole principle behind the stock market, not
&gt; just 401(k).   Smart investors don't pay any attention to the daily
&gt; swings.  They know it's about the long haul.
&gt; Ostensibly, stock price is about dividends, or rather what the expected
&gt; lifetime earnings of the company are expected to be.  But that's not
&gt; what it's about these days -- *share price*.
&gt; The entire .com &quot;industry&quot; was built around share price.  That's where
&gt; the paper fortunes were made and lost on a daily basis.  It completely
&gt; wrecked the idea that one owns stock for the dividends, which are
&gt; reasonably regular... but instead, one only makes money if the share
&gt; price goes up, better sell it quick!
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