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You were fine up until the part where you threw in "disinterested and
unaffected parties". In case you didn't notice, I'm in the industry.
Given, I don't have dependents of my own, but I'm still feeling the IT

You're perfectly justified in feeling the way that you do. Those
policies are affecting you directly in a negative way, and from your
perspective it's a terrible hardship which needs to be changed. On the
other hand, the rest of America benefits.

I think what's unclear here is that we're both justified in our beliefs.
I'm seeing it from a completely utilitarian perspective, in that some
people may be hurt, while there's an overall improvement, and you're
seeing it from the paradigm of a man who needs to care for his family.
Neither one of us is wrong--we simply have different priorities.

Stephen Touset <stephen at touset.org>
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