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[ale]getting waaayyy OT It begins...

Geoffrey wrote:
> Randolph Wilson wrote:
>> On Jan 28, 2004, at 10:03 AM, Pete Hardie wrote:
>>>> Not sure what you mean by 10x8 and even if you mean 100 million, 
>>>> depends
>>>> on over how much time.
>>> 100 Million was it.  Fat-fingered the ^
>> Interesting use of the term "fat fingered"
>> When I started with micro-computers in 1975 we used
>> that term to describe the process of entering programs
>> via the front panel switches.  I haven't seen the term used
>> for anything in quite a while.
> You must be older then me, and therefore dirt, apparently. ;)
> I've always heard the term fat fingered as used above, usually in 
> reference to a typo caused by hitting a key adjacent to the intended 
> key.  Pete must have some Fat fingers though, fat fingered an 'x' 
> instead of '^' ??????

Dvorak keyboard :->

(not really....looks like a combo parity error on the typing router....)

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