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[ale]OT It begins...

On Tuesday 27 January 2004 16:08, Joe Knapka wrote:
> "ChangingLINKS.com" <groups at ChangingLINKS.com> writes:
> [scissors of brevity]
> > Point: The spammers who would go as far as creating such a sweat shop 
> > already have the science of advertising, marketing, ROI and spamming 
> > (and thus less likely to make marketing mistakes like overusing a list).
> One needs to "master" spamming? Overusing a list is a "mistake"? 

Yes. I am referring to test marketing. There are lots of guys out there that 
live for it, and not just in the spamming world. You can change a word or two 
and get drastically different results.

> If you
> can't see that the sheer ratio of scams-to-legitimate-offers in spam
> traffic (nearly 1.00:0 as far as I can see) has completely destroyed
> whatever value there ever was to email marketing campaigns, then
> there's no hope for you.

Still, some major corporations email campaigns. As for me, I fall in the 
catagory of undecided. Not to be a smartass, but if you can't see the value 
of email marketing (which is why spam lives) then there is not hope for you.

> I have no patience or respect for anyone who would defend
> the practice of spamming.
> Cheers,
> -- Joe Knapka

I did not mean to sound like I *support* the practice of spamming. 
At least not in this context. "Ethics" aside, I admit that deep down I have 
some admiration for some of them insofar as their ability to be creative, 
persistent, innovative, ambitious, self-sufficient, focused, and the fact 
that they won the war with that spam blacklist site (forgot the name) so 

I saw a guy who struggled learning Windows do $40K in 3 months.
He built a reputation for himself selling reputations, and continued to earn 
money on word of mouth. Saw another guy buy a (big) house in Stone Mountain 
basically doing the same thing. It's just a sharp contrast to the people that 
are going to work at a low paying job, or those that complain of lost job 
opportunities in the US. To each his own.
Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown