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[ale]getting waaayyy OT It begins...

On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 08:49, Pete Hardie wrote:
> <snip>> contents to mislead, deceive, and coerce.  
> I've suggested that ISPs and home users start replying to every spam that 
> crosses their system - including the aaa at aol.com dictionary attempts.  If we 
> poison the well of good addresses, we might get some respite.  There's also the 
> suggestion that every spam with a URL get crawled by a spider - slam their 
> webservers down with a single response from every single message they send!

Ah, so you favor escalation.  What good is replying to spam when, many
times, the reply-to/from addresses are either bogus or stolen?  And what
good is collecting URLs from spam for the "can-of-whoopass" effect if it
simply points to a real fast web server that can take the load? 
Remember the Free Software load-balancers, commodity hardware, and
clustering software we love so much?  Besides, they can load up their
spam with a hundred or a thousand URLs and fight right back.

- Jeff