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[ale]getting waaayyy OT It begins...

"ChangingLINKS.com" wrote:
<<major snippage>>
> > One needs to "master" spamming? Overusing a list is a "mistake"?
> Yes. I am referring to test marketing. There are lots of guys out there that
> live for it, and not just in the spamming world. You can change a word or two
> and get drastically different results.

Not if they don't get read.  

I believe that's the point he was making. Very, VERY few people actually read
spam, and the vast majority of those who do never respond. Mailing out flyers
gets a much higher return for just a slight increase in money, and we all know
how many people just dump them straight into the trash. They covered this
subject in depth in a job related marketing course given by a rather huge and
expensive marketing company.  After all their millions in market research, they
concluded that 'spamming' was more likely to lose companies customers than gain
and that the company brand image would be pyschologically sullied.

Never discount human pyschology. ;)

Excuse me, please.  What universe is this?