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(6bone-jp 1011) Re: IPv6 frame

At Mon, 01 Nov 1999 15:50:41 +0900,
[email protected] wrote:
> >I'm sorry for you to make misunderstand.
> >I got sTLA from APNIC.(sTLA 2001:220::/35)
> >Now I should the addressing plan for the sTLA.
> >Korea Telecom is biggest company in Korea.
> >So maybe some ISPs hope get the KT sTLA.
> >My plan is
> >------------------------------------------
> >NLA1   Res    NLA2     SLA      Interface
> >------------------------------------------
> >I hope that SLA is given Organizations or Univs.
> >NLA2 is given for projects.
> >NLA1 is given for ISPs.
> >Is this pland resonable?
> >I hope to know your advice about IPv6 address plan,
> 	Please specify prefix length in your mind for NLA1/NLA2/SLA, for
> 	correctness of discussion. 
> 	kenken, you'd better describe your current plan about 2001:200::/35
> 	(sTLA for WIDE project).

In WIDE project,we'll allocate sTLA address prefix as follows:

		  /35     /41      /48	  /64	     /128
	|sTLA      | NLA1  | NLA2   |SLA  |  ID      |

	 We divied NLA space as NLA1(/41) and NLA2(/48)

	-The target of NLA1 is a {small,medium} ISPs that want to
	 allocate IPv6 address prefix for customes(DO NOT use for
	 bussiness in our rules)

	-And the target of NLA2 is Academics,Companies,Research
	 Institue and so.

	-We don't assign SLA space and organizations 
	 decide to allocate SLA address space.


Keio University/WIDE Project
<[email protected]>