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IPv6 Question (about Cisco IOS for IPv6)

At 10:31 AM 5/19/98 , you wrote:
>I am trying to get more details on this from Cisco, and this list will
know as
soon as I do.  I intend to also (finally) put the info on the 6bone web pages
so it's easier for the newcomer to the 6bone.

Thanks, Bob, and thank you to the others who sent info.  We would like
participate in the 6bone with at least one host here at DownCity, if possible,
so I will stay tuned!

Also, if anyone here is a CERFnet or Goodnet customer and has comments or
observations for a newbie using those backbone providers, I'd love to receive
some email from you.  :)

Awaiting the day when his blender will be pingable,

Robert Szarka
Managing Partner, Operations
DownCity, LLC
+1 860 823 3000