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IPv6 Question (about Cisco IOS for IPv6)


At 10:21 PM 5/18/98 -0400, Robert Szarka wrote:
>...and, as long as I'm already sending a message to list...  I sent email to
>someone at Cisco quite a while ago asking what I needed to participate in the
>6bone with my Cisco routers.  No reply.  :(  Can anyone point me to more info?

I have been in touch with Cisco this week and their intentions are as follows:

IPv6 is targetted for the 12.0T mainline release but it is not decided yet which maintenance window it will be in, i.e. 12.0(1, 2, 3, 4 etc.)T, pending BGP4+ integration results.  This release is not likely to occur until late this year.

Given this situation, Cisco plans on putting links to the IOS Beta version up on the Cisco IPv6 pages so that anybody who's interested in running IPv6 on Cisco gear and connecting to the 6bone can pull down the appropriate image. 

That way Cisco makes it more available than with the current mechanism where Cisco customers have to officially apply via 
EFT/Beta paperwork ...

I am trying to get more details on this from Cisco, and this list will know as soon as I do.  I intend to also (finally) put the info on the 6bone web pages so it's easier for the newcomer to the 6bone.

So...stay tuned.