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IPv6 Question

On Mon, 18 May 1998, Mike Crawfurd wrote:

> Hello People,
> I've read many papers about IPv6, but I want to know how IPv6 implements
> the private space addresses.
> Some of CMG's clients are running out of private Address space. How does
> IPv6 solve this problem ?

I should really have a better idea of how to answer this question, as I
wrote a 4000 word essay on the dumb thing. :-)

ANYway, I thought I'd point out that IPv4 addresses are valid within IPv6,
so you could always just assign your clients the private space addresses
in IPv4, and append null bits in IPv6 to fill the 128 bits. This is
assuming the IANA or whoever isn't going to reclaim those IPv4 addresses.

Of course, I may be reading your problem incorrectly, and you're saying
you're running out of IPv4 private space addresses as well, in which case
what I've said won't help at all.

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