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IPv6 Question

At 11:45 AM 5/18/98 , you wrote:
>You don't need private address space with IPv6. Private address
>space is an unfortunate side effect of IPv4 addresses being so small.
>The IPv6 address space is big enough to avoid this problem.

I'm new to this list and I think Mike's question was a very good.  I just got
back from doing a customer install using the private IP space, precisely to
enhance security and not because I don't have enough address space to give
him.  Using private IP space does not in itself guarantee security, of course,
but I am as surprised as Mike to hear that it doesn't not exist in IPv6.

Can someone provide more background (a paper perhaps?) on the reasoning behind

Also, a related question comes to mind...  Are there multicast addresses set
aside in IPv6 as in IPv4?

...and, as long as I'm already sending a message to list...  I sent email to
someone at Cisco quite a while ago asking what I needed to participate in the
6bone with my Cisco routers.  No reply.  :(  Can anyone point me to more info?


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