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IPv6 Question

On Mon, May 18, 1998 at 04:45:14PM +0100, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> You don't need private address space with IPv6. Private address
> space is an unfortunate side effect of IPv4 addresses being so small.
> The IPv6 address space is big enough to avoid this problem.
>    Brian Carpenter

So, when/if ipv6 completely replaces ipv4 will my local ISP give me more
than 1 ip address?  Currently with ipv4 the majority of ISPs give one ip
address to the computer dialing in.  Why would this change for ipv6?  I
have three computers with each a local ip address and another four that
gets used occasionally.

Is there anything in ipv6 that guarantees that I get a block of 16 even if
I get connected with a dial up occasionally?

Some of the ISPs don't allocate a static ip address just so customers can't
use the dialup as a server and only pay as a regular user.  I don't see why
this would change for ipv6.  Even if we were guaranteed a block of ip
addresses I would think ISPs would still allocate them dynamically, so when
I get connected all my computers on the local network would either have to
be re-numbered or there would be problems.  That doesn't even begin to
address the problems with figuring out after I'm connected what all my
computers are numbered.

It seems to me that having a set of ip address that are defined to not be
valid internet address so everyone knows they are free to use them on local
computers is necessary no matter how big your address space is.

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