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IPv6 Question

Actually, address depletion is not necessarily the motivating factor
behind private addressing.  Private addresses also provide a degree of
security, since it's not possible to route them over the Internet,
meaning that someone must get into your network via other means before
they can hack internal resources.

I always thought that FE80::/10 was available for private addressing,
and would make a very effective NAT space.  For instance, a company
could be allocated a 64-bit global prefix, and they could use private
addresses inside, simply translating FE80::/64 to their assigned block
and back, leaving the extra 16 bits (plus mac) for internal network
addressing.  Since there's no dynamic nature to this, it works both in
firewalled and non-firewalled environments, even with multiple internet


Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> You don't need private address space with IPv6. Private address
> space is an unfortunate side effect of IPv4 addresses being so small.
> The IPv6 address space is big enough to avoid this problem.

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