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IPv6 Question


David Fries:
> So, when/if ipv6 completely replaces ipv4 will my local ISP give me more
> than 1 ip address?  Currently with ipv4 the majority of ISPs give one ip
> address to the computer dialing in.  Why would this change for ipv6?  I

Because that one IP address actually is a /64. You can put a whole lot of
hosts behind that, just use a decent access router.

The problem of the ISP charging more for more addresses, on the assumption
that more hosts are going to generate more traffic, isn't going to go away,
however, and they still can filter out all but one EID unless they agree
not to. But that's not an IPv6 issue.
> It seems to me that having a set of ip address that are defined to not be
> valid internet address so everyone knows they are free to use them on local
> computers is necessary no matter how big your address space is.
Uh, yes, but there already are such addresses in IPv6.

Matthias Urlichs
noris network GmbH