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IPv6 Question

Dear Bob & the rest of the v6 world,

> >Some of CMG's clients are running out of private Address space. How does
> >IPv6 solve this problem ?

IPv6 has a very large address space, but it doesn't solve the problem
for running out of private address space... Converting your entire
network to IPv6 requires for at least an A-net, and I don't know how
many addresses are supplied to companies... 

Does anyone know the answer to this problem ?
> There is no private address space defined for IPv6, nor does there need to be (so seems to
me).  There is site local addressing, but that is only useful if your
"private space" needs
span only one site and you have no external/wide-area ISP connectivity.

This is one of the possibilities, I assume that not everybody wants to
connect to the Internet, but at least configures their network to be
ipv6-capable. You can always use your local-link address, etc. etc.

Private space was always a good security option, by using private space
addresses the hosts were not directly reachable, with right
configuration an excellent security feature.
For example the demiliterized zone in combination with firewalls.
Is the security so advance and so sure of itself to dare and make every
host reachable for the outside world ?

> However, I don't see why you need private space at all with IPv6 given the very large address
size, as you will need a wide area service to talk to the outside
anyway, and thus you
automatically have an address space that is more than generous.

IPV6 has a very large address size, I agree, but will the same mistake
not take place like IPv4 ?
Then people thought that the IPv4 range would last forever, the same
mistake can be made by thinking the same way about IPv6...

A small company with let's say 1024 hosts should not have an In-arpa
network range...
> As an aside, you should take this kind of question to the IPng mailer
([email protected]).
> Regards,
> Bob


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