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ftp software / IPv6 implementation


I have just read the last messages from the mailing list, and as a new
user of this IPng, I have some questions for you.

1) I have 2 Win95 PCs, connected via a Switch.
I have installed the ftp software on each PC, with the ftp software's
IPv6 stack. 

2) When I tried to configure my 2 PCs, I can only enter IPv4 adresses.
(option: network configuration, TCP/IP configuration)
Even if I have checked the 'IPv6 enable' option.

 I am missing something?
Do I need to configure other things like an IPv6 DNS, or an IPv6

 I would appreciate any help.

 I thing that a lot of people here are making their own tests, so do
not hesitate to answer to the list, so that everyone can see the help
you have provided.

Sébastien Colombier
Ingenior Student

PS: Please everyone here, excuse my bad english, this is not my mother

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