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Companies Implementing IPv6?

At 08:31 AM 3/4/98 -0800, Vince Grimaldi wrote:
>	you may wish to look into FTP Software's implementation as well.  The have
>a software package for Windows95.  Take a look at there web page.  The
>software package is "OnNet32" version 3.0.  They are working on a version
>that is in beta now.  This version includes IPSEC, and other security

Paul and others

Let me try to save you from the frustration I experienced
It seems to be a low priority for FTP software to supply or
support IPv6 . I have been pulling my hair out after trying to reach
Chip sparling from FTP software( IPv6 product manager) .
I believe some 6bone members confirmed that FTP has put IPv6 on a low
We had even bought a couple of sets of the product ( Onnet32 ) and it was
no good
on our tests. Although I did see some people had some luck in getting it to

Unless people can state clearly to me I am wrong 
( some proof would be even more convincing), I think a lot of
people share my opinion . This is based on the earlier responses I got
from the 6bone mailing list when I was desperately asking 6bone people
to help me on this product.(4 nov 97)
So don't say I did not warn you.

>Hope this helps,
>At 09:44 AM 3/4/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>  I am a systems engineer working research and development for General
>>  Dynamics Information Systems.  My company is just starting a lab
>>  environment to implement IPv6. Our lab started out with a Windows NT 4.0
>>  server, laptops and Pentium machines.  My first task was to find out
>>  which companies produce IPv6 products.
>>  I started out using the "IPng Implementations" list at
>>  http://playground.sun.com/ipng/ipng-implementations.2.html
>>  I attempted to contact each of the host and router implementations listed
>>  there. I got some kind of response from (routers) Cisco Systems, Hitachi,
>>  Ipsilon Networks, and Telebit; as well as (hosts) Digital, Epilogue,
>>  Process Software, Silicon Graphics, and Sun.
>>  What I need to find out is which products are "best" to select/purchase
>>  for our new lab.  Our R&D is based upon the following task statement
>>  (number 1 of 8):
>>  "Mobile backbone that can support multimedia.  Survey what is state of
>>  the art.  What exists now on IPv6 that can support mobile IP?  RSVP?
>>  Investigate relationships of OSI seven layer model and mobile backbone to
>>  support multimedia.  What is role of ATM?  Are products available?  What
>>  is the cost?  Report."
>>  I'd appreciate any advice on how to start: what routers, what work
>>  stations, etc.
>>  Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.
>>  Paul Maggitti
>>  [email protected]
>>  General Dynamics Information Systems
>>  8800 Queen Avenue South, M/S BLCS2X
>>  Bloomington, MN  55431
>>  (612) 921-6885/(612) 830-5100 (fax)
>Vince Grimaldi
>Bay Networks
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