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ftp software / IPv6 implementation


I think you may have missed a couple of important points about IPv6.......

>I have just read the last messages from the mailing list, and as a new
>user of this IPng, I have some questions for you.
>1) I have 2 Win95 PCs, connected via a Switch.
>I have installed the ftp software on each PC, with the ftp software's
>IPv6 stack. 
>2) When I tried to configure my 2 PCs, I can only enter IPv4 adresses.
>(option: network configuration, TCP/IP configuration)
>Even if I have checked the 'IPv6 enable' option.
> I am missing something?

This sounds pretty reasonable.  What IPv6 gives us is the ability to switch
on a host and have it configure itself automatically with all of its
addressing information.  You do not need to do anything.

If you do not have an IPv6 router on your network, then your hosts will end
up with link-local addresses only.  They should be able to talk to each
other but you will need to find the IPv6 addresses of the two machines to
do this.  (Can't help you here as I do not know about the FTP software).

>Do I need to configure other things like an IPv6 DNS, or an IPv6
Ultimately, to make use of this stuff then the answer is yes.  However, you
should be able to get something to work without this at first.  If you want
to connect to the 6bone then you will need a 'router' and a DNS server.

> I would appreciate any help.
Can I suggest that you 'read-in' to the subject some more.  Apart from the
RFC's (some of which are quite readable, others impenetrable to the
uninitiated) I strongly recommend "IPv6 The new Internet Protocol, 2nd
Edition" by Christian Huitema.


Peter Curran