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Companies Implementing IPv6?

Hi Paul,

Paul V Maggitti wrote:

> Our R&D is based upon the following task statement
>   (number 1 of 8):
>   "Mobile backbone that can support multimedia.  Survey what is state of
>   the art.  What exists now on IPv6 that can support mobile IP?  RSVP?
>   Investigate relationships of OSI seven layer model and mobile backbone to
>   support multimedia.  What is role of ATM?  Are products available?  What
>   is the cost?  Report."
>   I'd appreciate any advice on how to start: what routers, what work
>   stations, etc.

You make like to take a look at:


This project, sponsored by Eurescom, investigates many of the issues you raise.
It uses an IPv6 video application supporting IPv6 mobility, RSVP for IPv6 and
non zero assigned flow labels. It runs on a native IPv6 over ATM network and
encorporates possibilities to use other trunking technologies such as ISDN and
Frame Relay. The idea is that the user can select a CoS/QoS that fits the
remote application's bandwidth requirements. The hosts use Francis Dupont's
FreeBSD, the application has been developed by the University of Lancaster, and
the routers come from Telebit..

We'll be making a demo of this set up at CBIT in Hannover, Germany later this
month if per chance you should be over in Europe,


TELEBIT Communications A/S