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retransmit of: 6bone pTLA assignment rules


At 11:46 PM 2/9/98 -0500, [email protected] wrote:
>My input is BT Labs clearly fits the bill here give them at pTLA.

Seems to be strong consensus on this.

>One fear I have is will folks be afraid to get the pTLA this way in a
>public forum.  Suppose its a large company like XYZ and they want one?

Well, I think they need to do like everyone else,be a leaf, be an NLA
transit, justify why they should be a pTLA, etc....and remember, we are
trying to mimic the real world AND build a reliable high quality backbone.

>It seems to me you and the pTLAs now have been doing a good job.  

I think there are many folks that have been doing a great job for the
6bone...it's nice when people appreciate it.

>How about you ask for some volunteers from the list to be part of the
existing pTLAs?

Don't quite follow your intent here...do you mean to setup a small advisory
panel of folks to review these pTLA requests?

>Also I think folks who want to are out of IPv4 addresses but want to use
>IPv6 addresses instead of IPv4 private addresses could come to us too?
>They can be renumbered automatically via our addrconf and dhcp and
>router renumbering once they get official IPv6 addresses.  So that I
>think is another request you will be seeing soon.  Some thought on this
>seems worthwhile..

Remember that we can't support non-testing type traffic on the 6bone as
many of the 6bone participants are R&D places whose AUPs would instantly be
violated if they carried non testing traffic and would have to withdraw
their support of the 6bone.

I've been thinking that we should consider a second network, not for test,
that is similar to the 6bone (at least at the start), that provides a pTLA
space for early real users prior to a real active TLA registry activity
getting started up by IANA Inc., or whatver is agreed upon by the larger
court of world-wide opinion and policy (please don't start that debate on
this list).  

I say it in this way as the delays whilke the IANA Inc./IAHC/CORE/POC
wars/debates/decisions take place may be long. In the interim we do need a
way for people to get a routing prefix and be able to communicate with
others that have IPv6 needs.

Opinions anyone?