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Support for dynamic sites in the registry

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I have an interesting question concerning the use of the registry.  I am
not sure if what I want to do is valid, or if it maps onto a 'real-world'
problem, but would much appreciate some input.

We (TICL/UK) are a transit site connected via UUNET-UK.  For this purpose
UUNET-UK have assigned us an NLA2 (/40).  At the moment we provide transit
to a number of Learning Tree education centres around the world to support
their IPv6 training course.  In the worse case scenario, the course may run
simultaneously at multiple Ed Centres.  We have therefore assigned a /44 to
them (giving the ability to support up to 16 Ed Centres simultaneously -
more than adequate provision currently).

The tunnels created are not permament - they are created for one week only
at a time.  The assignment of a global prefix is likewise not permament -
each centre is assigned a tunnel and corresponding prefix on a first-come
first-served basis for the duration of the course.  The reason for this is
to simplify (automate) the course setup procedures and to allow the
available /44 service >16 potential venues.

I would like to create the necessary entries in the registry to reflect
this situation, but the registry is essentially static.  Now comes my
question.  Should the registry be able to cope with this sort of situation,
or is this just an example of a one-off problem that will not map onto the
real world?

Should I create and delete the registry entries on demand, as the tunnels
and prefixes are created? Should this sort of information even go into the

Opinion/guidance would be appreciated.


Peter Curran

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