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retransmit of: 6bone pTLA assignment rules


My input is BT Labs clearly fits the bill here give them at pTLA.

One fear I have is will folks be afraid to get the pTLA this way in a
public forum.  Suppose its a large company like XYZ and they want one?

It seems to me you and the pTLAs now have been doing a good job.  

How about you ask for some volunteers from the list to be part of the
existing pTLAs?

Also I think folks who want to are out of IPv4 addresses but want to use
IPv6 addresses instead of IPv4 private addresses could come to us too?
They can be renumbered automatically via our addrconf and dhcp and
router renumbering once they get official IPv6 addresses.  So that I
think is another request you will be seeing soon.  Some thought on this
seems worthwhile..