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retransmit of: 6bone pTLA assignment rules

>I've been thinking that we should consider a second network, not for test,
>that is similar to the 6bone (at least at the start), that provides a pTLA
>space for early real users prior to a real active TLA registry activity
>getting started up by IANA Inc., or whatver is agreed upon by the larger
>court of world-wide opinion and policy (please don't start that debate on
>this list).  
>I say it in this way as the delays whilke the IANA Inc./IAHC/CORE/POC
>wars/debates/decisions take place may be long. In the interim we do need a
>way for people to get a routing prefix and be able to communicate with
>others that have IPv6 needs.
>Opinions anyone?

   I think it sounds like an excellent idea. I have to admit that I, like
many people, have been wondering where the 6bone was headed and how the
real IPv6 Internet would come to life. It has to start somewhere...
   Speaking of which, I've been looking for a good excuse to get ftp.cdrom.com
running an IPv6 stack, not to mention pushing CRL in the IPv6 direction, and
I think what you're proposing is just the excuse I've been looking for.


David Greenman
Core-team/Principal Architect, The FreeBSD Project